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Flower Headpiece Wedding – Look Beautiful And Enchanting On Your Big Day

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015

Flower Headpiece Wedding – Look Beautiful And Enchanting On Your Big Day


One thing that would add more drama and beauty to your face is your headpiece. It can put your hair all together and make you even look totally amazing if done right. For a garden wedding or even church wedding, having a flower headpiece is the way to go. It’s real. It’s nature. It’s breath taking.


Plus, when you do it on your own, you will have a unique headpiece that every bride would die to wear. Let’s take a look at the different things you need to remember when it comes to a flower headpiece wedding. Read on.


Here are few things you need to consider when using a flower headpiece:


  1. wedding-buffet-table-flower-decorations-small-white-flower-in-a-rowColor of the flowers.


Are you going to go all white flowers or you want to go for more vibrant colors like a mixture of lavender, red, peach, yellow, etc.? The choice of colors would depend upon the theme of the wedding. This will make everything in harmony with the color scheme you opt for.


  1. d6211e7562ebecbf8d30f37883871954Design of the headpiece.


The easiest one is to go for a flower crown. All it takes is to make the flowers form like a crown, and then place it on your head. That’s it! You can make use of big flowers or tiny ones. Play around with the sizes, and colors you will surely be amazed at what you can create.


  1. Romantic-Curly-Updo-Hairstyle-with-FlowerHairstyle.


The best hairstyle that goes well with a flower headpiece is to curl your hair and all down. Or, you can do a soft braid or a bun with curls. Basically, the more curls and the more dramatic your hair is the better.


  1. The overall look.


Lastly, when you got the right design and hairstyle the next thing would be merging the two. Be sure your overall look is one that will make you the most beautiful woman on your big day. You can choose between putting the headpiece on top of your head, or incorporate it in your hair. Take your pick and be sure it’s one that sync well from your makeup, to your gown all the way to the shoes.


One thing, be sure to come up with different looks before you settle with one. In this way, you can have variety of choices. Then, you will be able to pick the right one. You will be looking so beautiful and enchanting on your wedding that’s for sure. If you run out of ideas or do not know where to start, you could always check out inspiration online or from a wedding magazine. You will be amazed as to what you will be able to find right in front of you.


So, are you ready? What are you waiting for? Start scouting for different designs, styles, and looks. Mix and match them. In no time you will have the ultimate headpiece that fits you and makes you look your best on your wedding day. It would certainly be fun, fun and lots of fun.

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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

So you are getting married now. Your wedding would be one of the most memorable and one of the happiest days of your life. So it has to be perfect. Your husband to be will be the most handsome and stylish among the guys on your wedding day and you need to match him. You have to be the most beautiful bride on your wedding day too.

And now that you are planning to be the most gorgeous bride on the most joyful day of your life and that would be your wedding, right? so first things first. You have to choose the perfect and right wedding dress for you. It would be lovely to have a wonderful wedding and you are wearing a very beautiful wedding gown.

So here are the tips you can follow to help you choose the right wedding gown for you.

Set Your Budget

woman-and-moneyIt is important how much you can spend for a wedding dress. Usually beautiful dresses cost much but there are plenty of beautiful wedding gowns too that do not cost much. It would be depending on your preference. If you think you can afford an expensive one then you decide whether to buy it or not but remember,  a wedding is compose of a lot of things that you need to prepare like the food, a place for reception, giveaways and a lot more so be wise on your budget.

The Type of Wedding Gown

simpleweddingdressSo what type or kind of wedding gown do you want to wear? You should wear something that you like that is comfortable for you to wear. It has to be perfect for your body type. Gowns come with different styles and design so there a lot to choose from. Consider your partner when you are choosing a dress if it would much and also your location if your dress is perfect for that location.

Plan Ahead

If you can plan early the more your wedding will be successful. By planning ahead can help you choose better for your wedding dress. And also if there is something that changes your mind, at least you still have time to change your wedding gown. Also you still have enough time to do other stuff. It saves you time and some potential problems that may occur near or during your wedding.

Visualize Your Wedding

Imagine yourself getting married. Imagine what kind of gown you are wearing, what color it is or what style. Mostly, what you thought, imagine or dream is the one that you really like. So you might want to write it down or take note of those things so it would be easier for you to choose a dress similar to what you imagine.


Researching will be very helpful as it saves you time already because you don’t have to go from places to places. You can just try to look for the dresses or stores on the web, magazines or you can ask for some reference. Through research you can easily decide on what gown you want to wear or how much it could cost you. You can print or can a picture of the gown and bring it with you when you are shopping for your dress.

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How to save money on your wedding

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015

How to save money on your wedding

Weddings are the happiest and most unforgettable moments for couples. A wedding is one of the beautiful things that every couple dreams about happening. They are finally going to tie a knot and live together for the rest of their lives but a wedding is just the start because they had to be ready for their future since they are going to build a family of their own after marriage.

It is important that the couple to plan to save money on their wedding because there will be a lot more to do with the money when building a family. Take time to look at thee tips that could help you save money on your wedding.


Prioritize first before you proceed to planning your wedding. Prioritizing first can help you make better decisions for you planning. You would know what would be the most important thing to the least important thing. In that way you can tell what to include and not to include and you’ll begin to save money already.

Rent or Buy

141332-425x282-Wedding-Dress-PriceDeciding whether you buy or rent wedding gown and suit will help you determine your budget for your appropriate attire. Renting would be a much better idea if you are planning to save up on your wedding and if you are planning to buy then that would depend on you. Maybe you want to keep the wedding gown or suit as a remembrance of your joyful and wonderful wedding, that’s okay. It would depend on you. But decide wisely.

Choose Your Location Wisely

have-a-wonderful-outdoor-wedding1For your location it would be better to choose a place where you don’t have to put much decor in it. That way, you don’t have to spend much for decorations anymore and so you save money again. You can choose a venue outdoor whether at a beach or garden where there are a lot of flowers or near nature. Anywhere you like at all as long the place is beautiful and much cheaper. It would still be perfect especially that you are in love with each other.

Choose Your Food

The-Ways-to-Offer-Food-and-Drinks-for-Wedding-Guests (1)Serve a simple menu to your guests. A simple menu does not mean it is not delicious and you know what? One thing that you should know is after a wedding, guests are mostly hungry so it does not matter what kind of food you are serving anymore they would simply grab a sit and happily eat the food. Limit your alcohol beverages. It’s better to spend less on alcohol so there will be less drunk people. A drunkard guest can create a possible commotion so not just you save money on your wedding but you also save your wedding from a potential problem that may occur.

Limit Your Guests

Limit your guests. You probably know a bunch of people and want to invite them on your special day but think about your budget carefully. Is your budget even enough to feed all your prospected guests? You shouldn’t forget that you are trying to save on your wedding so think carefully and be wise. Choose the closest and most important people of your life that you want to be on the day when you say “I DO” to the love of your life.

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Feel The Love Through An Intimate Wedding

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015

Feel The Love Through An Intimate Wedding

It has been almost every girl’s dream to be wed someday, walking down the aisle, looking like a princess with her prince charming waiting for her at the altar. But as the years pass by this dream will slowly change and before we know it, the girl who once dreamed for a fairytale wedding ain’t getting it. Does this mean that the wedding is doomed and can not be celebrated like how fairytale weddings do? It would depend on the perception and the intention of the couple and not by other people.

969665-expensive-weddingWeddings can cost a lot of money from the gown, food, reception, car rental even down to the last detail. This can be very overwhelming and draining to the pocket. Question! Is there any way where any woman out there be wed with the man of her life and gets the wedding of a lifetime? Yes, it is possible. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and wild imagination.

This is where having an intimate wedding takes into the picture. It will make you feel the essence of the wedding and breathe in the love that every one gives to you and your fiancé. To give you a glimpse, here are few things about small and intimate wedding:

First, the wedding is centered between you and the man of your life. Have you ever encountered weddings of whom you know that the event has become more of a family reunion or the parents of both sides. Some even are so stressed about making sure the wedding is grand and perfect to show off to people. For an intimate wedding, the focus is on the couple, not the people that surround them. This is how it should be.

Peacock_WeddingSecond, go for one venue for the ceremony and reception. Another thing, if going through one place to another can be a bit of a hassle for you then making use of the garden as the venue for the ceremony and reception would be ideal. Or, even the backyard will serve as a good venue. Just convert it into a marvelous place.

Third, get the dream wedding at a fraction of the cost coupled with creativity. Lastly, be ready to spend a little bit less compared to the weddings that you see around. All it takes is for you to unleash the creative side of you. Play around with nature, the lights, materials used and viola! Your wedding will be looking like a million dollar one. You can get inspiration from the magazine or over the net.

SunsetTreeBe sure to invite people who really do know your love story, how it started and how it ended to the altar where you both will say your I do’s. You will be surprised that an initial list of 100 guests can narrow down even to 20 guests. For sure, these people can attest that indeed, your wedding is a testament of your love towards each other since they have been there during the journey.

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